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According to Forbes, brides & party hosts will spend up to 100% more when given the option to pay by credit card!

We are looking for 20 U.S. based event companies to try out our NEW payment processing service FREE for 3 months and give us feedback.

The new service allows you to process UNLIMITED credit card transactions with ZERO (0%) processing fees for just $24.95 per month.

How does it work?

When your clients pay online, they will be presented with two options:
(1) Pay electronically by checking/savings (2) Pay by credit/debit with a small service fee

Whichever option your client chooses, you get the FULL amount deposited into your bank account.

Here's what it will look like for your clients

The first 20 U.S. based companies to sign up can process unlimited transactions FREE for 3 months.
(A statement credit will be applied to offset the $24.95 monthly fee.)

Call 855-902-6330 or fill out this form to get started.
Cancel anytime. No contracts or setup fees.

Have questions? Call 855-902-6330 or fill out this form to speak with our super-friendly processing partner at Talus Pay.

Don't want to pass along the fees? We also have traditional merchant plans with the industry's lowest rates. Get a quote here (no obligation).
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